Refund Policy

Addwit makes most earnest and maximum efforts to inform and educate potential buyers to enable them to decide BEFORE making a purchase if the products, courses and programs are suitable for them.

Hence, refund policy includes these terms:

  1. User will make a request within 24 hours after ‘buying’ which implies making payment for the product or service and which does not imply ‘delivery’ of product or service.
  2. However, we will accept requests for refund  after delivery of products or service only if sufficient , valid and verifiable reasons and explanations are provided by the users for their request for refund. Such request should be made within first 10% of a course duration, or within 24 hours up delivery of product; whichever is applicable.
  3. By and large, we will be considerate for such refund requests so long as the request is legitimate.
  4. It will be user’s responsibility to return all the products / course material in first-hand condition, on his / her own cost. The address for returning will be intimated to user during application process.
  5. There will be Processing Fee up to 5% or INR  250 whichever is more to cover the incidental expenses already incurred / bound to be incurred.
  6. All refund request should be made with complete details in first instance by email only to
  7. Refund for ONLINE programs: (1) Join the programs ONLY after reviewing the information in “Free” sessions. (2) Request for refund BEFORE commencement of Program if applicable. (Most programs start the day person enrolls; however, some programs may have a different Starting Date. In such case, the person gets a ‘buffer’ zone of few days between ‘enrollment’ and ‘start date’ (3) Usually, once the program has started, no refund is made towards cancellation of enrollment. (4) In exceptional cases where the person is able to provide such feedback which is (a) non-personal in nature and (b) a feedback that can immensely help us improve the program / System, then we may consider giving refund.
  8. Any update in the Refund Policy will be updated on this page, URL

Updated 5 April 2017