Addwit Social Ambassadors Induction


No. of Sessions – 9
Certification? – Yes!
Points – 36
Fee & Discount – Rs 693/-  Up to 50% funding available; please contact us .
Narration – Simple Hindi-English

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Addwit Social Ambassador Program is meant for those who have a longing for “doing something” for self and others; and have a good ‘appetite’ for learning.

This 9-session program lays foundation for Organic System for Self-paced Learning that Addwit has crafted over the years of work.

Very suitable for students, young women and working professionals who are looking for a good flexible-time project with ample learning opportunity, some side income and satisfaction of doing good to others.

As you progress, further possibilities – Mentoring, Fellowship – are available.

This program is easy Hindi-English

The program will prepare you for taking up an optional 8-week long project in your locality.

9 Sessions

36 Points

Arvind Agrawal PhD, MBA is well-known trainer, writer and innovator for education sector.

For the Top-9 Frequently asked questions, including Refund Policy, please visit this page (There are separate tabs for FAQ in English and Hindi)
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