English Expression Builder Part 1


Number of sessions – 15 4-day cycles (45 sessions) and additional downloads
Certificate? – Digital: yes, Print: on request
Points – 135
Fee – Rs 2835/-
Prerequisite – Please register for this program ONLY AFTER competing either Addwit English Part-1 or Addwit Ambassadors Induction.
Key Question – Do I want my English to be better than “sorry-thank-you-and-how-are-you’ type (cafeteria English!)…?

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If you have already taken the Addwit English (Part 1 of 6), then chances are good that you are using many of the 30+ techniques we have shared in that program.

However, EXPRESSION BUILDER is a fast-track program which will give specific sessions for building up useful expression in day-to-day social, professional and business settings.

If you want to fast-track your English skills, then this program is for you.

45 sessions

135 points

Provision for Certification

Arvind Agrawal, PhD MBA, CTE (Certified Trainer for English) is experienced author, speaker and entrepreneur who has keen insight for the learning psychology and use of English for career and business. You can be 100% sure under his guidance.
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