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Addwit Mentors

This role entails assuming leadership for development of pockets of community. Everyone goes through a combination of online-offline training to get equipped with skills, tools and resources.
You are most suited to become Addwit Mentor if you –
  • don’t want to ‘teach’ as such; but you are naturally interested in counselling, guiding, mentoring, encouraging  and assisting others for learning.
  • are willing to orient yourself systematically about how Addwit works
  • are in position to flexibly invest 2-10 hours / week for a reasonable  ‘side-income
If you get all the three ‘yes‘  then send your CV to

Program Providers & Experts

You are at right place if you are an expert, and you want to explore possibilities of offering your program on online mode.
Addwit Curator is dedicated to facilitate you with
  • Conceptualising and tweaking your program, and re-scripting for online mode
  • Mechanics of production  – sound, illustrations, video, editing, quiz and assignments planning, etc.
  • Uploading your program and management of online program
If you are wondering where to start with, please contact us – we have a well-defined framework of socially and academically useful programs, and if there is good match between this and your unique experience / story then you will surely be on a long journey with us. (We also have in-house production facilities).
Please get in touch with us via

Internship with Addwit

A well-designed internship that includes orientation, training and mentoring.
If required by institution, research projects (with company guide) are also made available
Twice every year – Sept.-Nov. and Summer vacation months.
Please mail your CV to