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अद्वित पद्धत्ति से अंग्रेजी सीखने की शुरुवात करें
Drill-based English learning program (beginners)
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  • One Decision for MY Family –  a 12-session program for young couple.s Lays foundation for a GREAT Family.
  • Start-up? 11 Traps to Watch-out – Essential for young / first-time entrepreneurs
  • Money 360 – Skills and habits with money
  • Are you an expert / author / trainer?  – Learn how to become a ‘celebrity’ by leveraging the power of e-Learning – expand your reach-out and influence

Starting a school is fantastic idea!

If you have been looking for one flexi-time revenue model for yourself you are in right place. There are many benefits of starting a pre-school:
  • Takes maximum 6 hours / day of work.
  • You are the Director – the respect comes for the chair you hold as well as for the nature of work you do
  • Very reasonable income potential; in fact much better than a high-stress corporate job
  • High quality time for yourself and your own family.
Addwit is extending Pre-school partnership to  hand-picked few for academic year starting April 2018 for various towns and cities in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, MP and CG. Express your interest